Our Staff

Our staff invest in college students. They are incredibly impactful. Students are growing in their relationship with Christ, while mutually enjoying the riches of fellowship and being sent to their roommates, classmates, teammates and the world.

816-294-7494 Danny.Goeking@cru.org



Danny Goeking-

Team Leader


Lover of books, food (especially Chicago Cheesesteak Company), the Kansas City Royals, playing sports, all manner of quaffs, and constructing things at home.

Jesus first, my beautiful Nicole second, and my children, Charlie, Viola, and Evie third.

816-646-1963 Nicole.Goeking@cru.org



Nicole Goeking-

Team Leader


ESFJ, lover of cinnamon, Fall, all things comfy, making you food, and a registered nurse.

Wife to Danny, mother to Charlie, Evie, and Viola. I have an open door and I'm an open book. I'm passionate about listening to stories and creating safe spaces. Come to our home to see the chaos and joy of our children, all while I feed you!

573-712-3455 Brandon.Mahler@cru.org



Brandon Mahler-

Team Leader / Operations

INTJ, Baseball History & Analytics Nerd, Maximizer, Futuristic, Avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.

Husband to my wonderful wife, Michelle, father to my beautiful daughter, Belle. I love cooking and trying food from around the world. Talking baseball/sports in general is the key to my heart. I enjoy quality conversation no matter the subject. Thanks to my wife, I am expanding my horizons to enjoy musical theater and even ballroom dancing (shhh, don't tell her!).

Michelle Mahler


Wife to Brandon, mother of Belle, fluid conversationalist, enthusiastic about musicals, Lucille Ball, and Asian cuisine.

Need fashion advice? My college degree and I have got you covered. I get excited over little things, love hosting people in my home, will always offer you coffee with whipped cream, and have an arsenal of questions for you. So please, text me and I'll invite you over!

573-421-7005 Michelle.Mahler@cru.org



Tina Eck

314-600-0890 Tina.Eck@cru.org




ISFJ, personal movie database, lover of coffee, Phase 10, and Harry Potter. 

I enjoy quality time, words of affirmation, and am a self-proclaimed Disney aficionado. I laugh at everything, am directionally challenged, love to bake, Sudoku player, and would love to be your friend.

Jonathan Latshaw


Internal processor, fluent in books, king of introverts, and my love language is sarcasm.

If you can't find me, I'm most likely by myself at a coffee shop, so don't come find me. I like playing sports, reading about theology, and Tim Keller. Hook me up with an IV of chunky salsa and I'm good.

816-699-3798 Jonathan.Latshaw@cru.org



417-844-1434 Haley.Day@cru.org



Haley Day


Lover of plants, even numbers, videos of earwax extractions, nature documentaries, Harry Potter, cyst removals, and cuddling my dog.

Hater of asymmetry, strangers asking me to hold their baby, nuts in desserts, monkeys dressed as humans, and being told to stop cuddling my dog so much MOM.

Robert Crist

(Cru high school)


Baseball (Royals), BBQ, and board games says it all.

I'm an only child and have probably talked to myself a time or two. Road trips and epic experiences are my love language. 

(816) 872-4808 Robert.Crist@cru.org

(816) 872-4808


(314) 489-4723 Sebastian.Sabev@cru.org

(314) 489-4723


Sebastian Sabev

Bulgarian American, Soccer Fanatic, BBQ sauce, Music & Deep discussions

Husband to my wife Laura. I enjoy economics, learning and reading magazines. Traveling, trying foods from different cultures and playing soccer are a few of my favorite hobbies.


Laura Sabev

Lover of coffee/tea, cheese, baby animal videos, all things Kansas City MO, laughing & encouraging people

Wife to my sweet Sebastian. I'm my happiest when the sun is out and I'm spending quality time with people. I enjoy reading biographies, watching movies and learning more about the world through my husband!

(816) 520-1656 Laura.Chapman@cru.org

(816) 520-1656


(512) 635-3636 Jeremy.Zeleny@cru.org

(512) 635-3636


Jeremy Zeleny

Pros: Wizard of Worship. Sultan of Style. King of kinship. Mogul of Ministry. Khan of kindness.

Con: Still hasn't delivered a website blurb

Matthew Groves


Big appetite for food, knowledge, and experience. Theology to metallurgy, ancient skills to modern science, Wes Anderson to The Wheelhouse.

I love how God works, people work, things work. Enjoy interesting foods, movies, skills, and solutions.