Christ is everything.

WE ARE A STUDENT GROUP AT MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY, Drury AND OTHER CAMPUSES IN SPRINGFIELD and the surrounding area. We exist to love God and live missional so everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

Large Gathering: Weekly on Thursdays, 8:00 pM // PSU THEATER // Missouri State University

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Fall 2019 Movement Groups

Clearly not a picture during an actual Bible study. That would be weird.

Clearly not a picture during an actual Bible study. That would be weird.

Study the bible with others

Meet weekly with others to explore the truths of God's word, apply them to your life, and enjoy the fellowship of others.


Our Staff

Our staff invest in college students. They are incredibly impactful. Students are growing in their relationship with Christ, while mutually enjoying the riches of fellowship and being sent to their roommates, classmates, teammates and the world.

Danny Goeking-

Team Leader


Lover of books, food (especially Chicago Cheesesteak Company), the Kansas City Royals, playing sports, all manner of quaffs, and constructing things at home.

Jesus first, my beautiful Nicole second, and my children, Charlie, Viola, Evie, and Mabel third.

Nicole Goeking-

Team Leader


ESFJ, lover of cinnamon, Fall, all things comfy, making you food, and a registered nurse.

Wife to Danny, mother to Charlie, Evie, and Viola. I have an open door and I'm an open book. I'm passionate about listening to stories and creating safe spaces. Come to our home to see the chaos and joy of our children, all while I feed you!

Brandon Mahler-

Team Leader / Operations


INTJ, Baseball History & Analytics Nerd, Maximizer, Futuristic, Avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.

Husband to my wonderful wife, Michelle, father to my beautiful daughter, Bell, and handsome son, Branch. I love cooking and trying food from around the world. Talking baseball/sports in general is the key to my heart. I enjoy quality conversation no matter the subject. Thanks to my wife, I am expanding my horizons to enjoy musical theater and even ballroom dancing (shhh, don't tell her!).

Michelle Mahler


Wife to Brandon, mother of Belle and Branch, fluid conversationalist, enthusiastic about musicals, Lucille Ball, and Asian cuisine.

Need fashion advice? My college degree and I have got you covered. I get excited over little things, love hosting people in my home, will always offer you coffee with whipped cream, and have an arsenal of questions for you. So please, text me and I'll invite you over!

Tina Eck


ISFJ, personal movie database, lover of coffee, Phase 10, and Harry Potter. 

I enjoy quality time, words of affirmation, and am a self-proclaimed Disney aficionado. I laugh at everything, am directionally challenged, love to bake, Sudoku player, and would love to be your friend.

Madi Whaley

Recent MSU graduate, and newly married to a goofball named Spencer. Passionate about Justin Timberlake, Parks and Rec, baking from scratch and authenticity. I love C.S. Lewis so much I took a class on him. 

As a coffee aficionado I love connecting with people one on one over coffee, or over a phenomenal brunch at my all time favorite restaurant, First Watch.

Kate Stringer

I love coffee, sleeping, Jesus who loves me perfectly, and whenever I don't have to cook. Take me somewhere with water and I'm happy. Come hang out at my house-- sometimes its messy, but you'll be greeted with warmth and an invitation to play barbies and superheroes.

My husband is a rockstar, my kids (Charlotte and Teddy) are hilarious and fun, and I'm always interested in getting to know the real you!

Sara Landers

A true Enneagram 3, F•R•I•E•N•D•S enthusiast, and lover of all dogs. I’m always ready for a game night and I’d love to sit down and get to know you over a cup of coffee. 

I’m passionate about watching movies, going to target, exploring nature, and laughing at my own jokes. And I want to be your friend!

Kelli Carter

“Dairy free” lover of cheese, Gilmore Girls expert, and willing to bust a move at any given time. Newly engaged to my wise and loving fiancé Zach. 

I am a big fan of meeting new people, chatting over coffee, or having game nights at my house. Jesus and people are my favorite parts of life, and I enjoy getting to share that love with others. 

Jordan McKenzie

Enneagram 7, lover of all jokes/puns, and always up for an adventure! I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, movie nights, coffee, and a good podcast. Coffee shops are some of my favorite places to hangout, and you can probably find me at one close to MSU’s campus. 

I’m passionate about building relationships with people, and would love to get to know you more!

Matthew Groves


Big appetite for food, knowledge, and experience. Theology to metallurgy, ancient skills to modern science, Wes Anderson to The Wheelhouse.

I love how God works, people work, things work. Enjoy interesting foods, movies, skills, and solutions.